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940nm 500mW CW VCSEL Laser Diode
  • 940nm 500mW CW VCSEL Laser Diode

940nm 500mW CW VCSEL Laser Diode


    940nm Multimode VCSEL

    High power with narrow bandwidth

    Oxide isolation technology

    116 aperture array

    Modulation bandwidth>1Gbps

    Relatively small emission area,easy to collimate


●3D Imaging

●Gesture recognition

●Laser illumination

●Medical applications

●Broadband access network

●Military applications

Ⅰ.Absolute Maximum Ratings

Storage Temperature-40 to 80℃
Case Operating Temperature-40 to 80℃
Relative Humidity10% to 90%
Reverse Power Supply Voltage5V
Maximum Continuous Forward Current1.0A
ESD Exposure(Human Body Model)1000V
Ⅱ.Electro-Optical Characteristics(Top 25 deg C unless otherwise stated)

VCSEL ParametersConditionsSymbolUnitMin.Typ.Max.
Optical Power OutputIF=0.8APomW480500520
Threshold Current-IthA-0.1-
Slope EfficiencyPo=500mWηmW/mA-0.71-
Wall Plug EfficiencyIF=0.8AWPE%-26-
Emission Area--um-371×370-
Peak WavelengthIF=0.8A-nm930940950
Laser Forward VoltageIF=0.8AVFV2.252.352.45
Series ResistanceIF=0.8ARΩ2.812.943.07
Beam AngleIF=0.8A-Degrees-20-
Wavelength ShiftIF=0.8A-nm/℃-0.07-
Ⅲ.Enviromental Specifications

Case Operating TempTop-402080
Storage TempTsto-402080
Ⅳ.LIV Graph

Ⅴ.Mechanical Specifications

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