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Tyson focus on laser product development

Apr. 20, 2017

Tyson Technology Co., Ltd has been known for providing laser modules and IR laser illuminator. This company is the high-tech business that specializes in R&D, production, quality, service and global sales in the marketing of laser products. 

The company designer said fundamental theories and structure of the active IR imaging system with laser illumination, the manufacturing techniques and technical parameters of laser sources were presented. The optimization ofoptical systems and the receiving components were introduced. The parameters of the fiber-coupled LD for the collimated and homogenized night-vision laser illumination sources have been studied. The selection of CCD cameras corresponding to the spectra was described. A prototype active IR imaging system with laser illumination has been developed successfully and the acceptable images through various on-field experiments have been achieved. The system can be applied to not only security surveillances in the civil applications but also the automatic control for the light-weight weapons in the military fields, and also be equipped by the soldiers for night-vision purposes. 

The company is now inviting everyone to visit their official website to learn more about their products. 

Tyson Technology Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures laser modules and IR laser illuminator products. They specialized in R and D, in the marketing and production of IR laser illuminator and other key components.

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