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The First Continuous Improvement Activity of Tyson

May. 25, 2017

Tyson hold on the first continuous improvement activity successfully done on May of 2017, the main goal is red laser module production process quality improvement and labor cost saving, both PM,ME,PE and PD department are involved during this CIP activity.

"Continuous improvement" is not a new term, a new concept. As the IR laser illuminator, red line laser module manufacturer, in fact, our corporate slogan, entrepreneurial spirit, quality policy has covered the "continuous improvement" content, Tyson business managers have long stressed the success of the enterprise development of the problem. "Continuous improvement" has taken a simple quality management category, and expanded to a comprehensive business ideal. To solve the enterprise problems, Tyson consultant on how to continue to improve and promote business growth for the explanation, training.

How can companies not take detours and sustainable development? The key is to introduce continuous improvement management, is to continuously improve and constantly improve the management philosophy and enterprise development strategy as a guide, focus on overcoming the bottleneck of enterprise development focus, through full participation in production and operation of various fields of standardization, Of the improvement activities, so that the level of enterprise management gradually, spiral up, and ultimately achieve quality products, customer satisfaction, business and staff faster pace of steady development.

The success of the enterprise now does not mean that the final success, does not mean that companies can enjoy it, sit back and relax. Continuous improvement is one of the basic principles of the management system. Enterprises in their development process, always encounter a variety of problems and difficulties, and only continue to solve these problems and difficulties, enterprises can continue to improve in order to achieve development. In addition, in the process of building the enterprise system, some of the problems that are exposed are still continually improving. These ubiquitous problems, if they do not pay attention to and solve, will also affect the growth of enterprises.

TYSON team believe that continuous improvement is an eternal goal of the top organization. In the process of implementation of the process continue to find problems, solve the problem, which formed a benign spiral of the cycle.

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