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What Are The Characteristics Of 1500m Infrared Laser Illuminator?

Jun. 12, 2018

1500m Infrared Laser Illuminator have a huge role in safe cities, intelligent transportation, on-board systems, detention centers, border defense, forest fire prevention, oilfield oil depots, large-scale plant areas, security departments, ecological protection areas, and energy mining. Infrared laser illuminators have the following features:

1. Safer, 3B security level, in line with US FDA, International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standards, eye safety standards better than ANSI Z136 36 times.

2. More temperature resistant, full industrial grade, -45°C~85°C normal working temperature range, maximum working temperature 100°C.

3. Lower temperature, -40 °C ultra-low temperature cold start.

4 more reliable, high temperature 200 °C, not afraid of dust, not afraid of static electricity, the average time between failure 104 years.

5. More energy-efficient, 40% of the energy efficiency of the whole machine, ordinary infrared laser light is only 15-30%.

6. Smarter, synchronized focus, auto dimming, smart matching, remote control.

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1500m Infrared Laser Illuminator

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