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Laser Products Identification and Traceability In Tyson

Aug. 03, 2017

This procedure describes how to identify the Laser modules, and to define the extent of IR laser illuminator traceability and the records required, ensure the products are identified and distinguished as well as being traced. This procedure applies to all products manufactured in Tyson, including the products returned to the company and consigned products.

QA Engineer or related department (Production/Warehouse etc.) have the responsibility to define the procedure of labelling product and ensure it to be carried out. Each HOD/ the QA Engineer have the responsibility to identify any potential IR laser illuminator quality problem and initiate preventative actions to prevent occurrence. Buyers have the responsibility to ensure all materials/parts delivered by vendors are properly identified with adequate laser modules information and be able to be traced.

IQC inspector shall identify the status of incoming materials according to QA/IQC’s inspection standard after finishing the inspection, and apply the IQC PASS tag for passed materials and Warning Tag for Failed inspection materials, meanwhile need indicate the disposition of failed inspection materials.

blue laser module

Production shall use recycle plastic box when lot setting and material handling, and the recycle plastic box should be identified with different colour or tag to distinguish normal materials/ parts and nonconformity materials/parts. For WIP and the parts returned to store including normal and nonconformity parts, Production should retain the original tag or apply proper identification to ensure different parts free from any mixing.

When receiving materials and performing entry of data to E-system, the involved people of Store should ensure every lot/batch of material containing following information:

PO No., P/N, quantity and date, etc. Packing List issued by Program to Store and Production, should contain the following Information: Packing No., shipping date, place of delivery, P/N, description, quantity, etc. Production shall apply the form of Custom Packaging Production Traveller during production, and fill up the form in time with the following information: customer, MO No., date, P/N, lot quantity, production quantity, etc.

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