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Some Tips of Using Red Laser Module

Jul. 24, 2017

Scan speed

Due to the accuracy requirements of red line laser module on the taking point,the scan speed and acceleration settings in the machine status area should be less than the settings when the scan is triggered. The recommended scanning speed: Scan speed: 20   Scan acceleration: 500

Scanning range:

The scanning range of the laser has a Z-axis limitation, and if the scanned workpiece is too large or too high, the laser may not accept. So before starting to scan, you should move the probe above the workpiece to see the laser scanning window, confirm whether height and low position of the workpiece surface are displayed in the window.

The machine settings when checking or scanning:

Taking points of laser are more intensive,when set more mining points, it will occupy a lot of system resources,close some of the system resource settings as far as possible in the scan, such as alarm when take off the mining point, error message etc.

Red Laser Module 

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