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Analysis of thermal optical properties for thermal infrared lens

Nov. 20, 2017

Tyson is a leading manufacturer of laser module. The traditional infrared lens would produce different defocus amounts because of temperature difference, which lead to the decline of the imaging quality.

To solve the problem, the thermal optical properties of mechanical passive thermal infrared lens were analyzed.

Firstly, the finite element model was established by ANSYS, and then the least square method was used to obtain rigid body displacement through the change of homogeneous coordinates. After that, the shape change was gotten by Fringe Zernike polynomial fitting. Finally, the interface program was written based on the Schmidt’s orthogonalization on the matlab platform, and 37 fringe Zernike coefficients were compensated well due to the role of compensation group.

The imaging quality of the lens at a low temperature was slightly worse than that at a high temperature. In a word, the overall imaging quality of lens is improved and meets the requirement.

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