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Classification Of Lasers

Jun. 01, 2018

Lasers can be divided into four types according to working substances.

1. Solid laser: Its working substance is a solid. Commonly used are ruby lasers, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet lasers (ie, YAG lasers), and neodymium glass lasers. Their structure is roughly the same, characterized by their small size and robustness, and their power is high. The neodymium glass laser is the device with the highest pulse output power and has reached several tens of megawatts.

2. Gas laser: Its working substance is gas. There are various gas atom, ion, metal vapor, and gas molecular lasers. Commonly used carbon dioxide lasers, He-Ne lasers and carbon monoxide lasers, their shape as ordinary discharge tube, the characteristics of stable output, good monochromaticity, long life, but the power is smaller, the conversion efficiency is lower.

3. Liquid laser: It can be divided into chelate laser, inorganic liquid laser and organic dye laser. The most important one is organic dye laser. Its biggest characteristic is that the wavelength is continuously adjustable.

4. Semiconductor laser: It is a younger type of laser, among which the gallium arsenide laser is more mature. It is characterized by its high efficiency, small size, light weight and simple structure. It is suitable for carrying on planes, warships, tanks and infantry. Rangefinders and sights can be made. However, the output power is small, the directionality is poor, and it is greatly affected by the ambient temperature.

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