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Congratulations on the new 808nm 1000m IR laser illuminator

Jul. 08, 2017

Congratulations! Our design team to develped the new 808nm 1000m IR laser illuminator successfully in middle of 2016 , the new 808nm 1000m price is cheaper than previous one. Beam angle zooming electrically, up to 1200 steps Illumination over 1000m range High reliability, lifetime up to 50000hrs Compact, easy to integrate RS232, RS422 and RS48. The QA team said they get very stable quality after life cycle testing and get CE certification.

The new laser illuminator is the minimum size one to illuminate up to 1km globally. And it is of high performance integrated with high quality laser chip and excellent optics design, and outstanding circuit control with high efficiency. It has big beam angle zooming, which can match the field view angle of cameras. It also has friendly interfaces such as operating voltage, communication protocol and installation schematic. It can be widely used in high-speed dome, PTZ camera and traffic monitoring.

IR laser illuminator

This illuminator is compatible with major lens and cameras, integrated with the protocols such as Pelco P&D, Sony VISCA and QLINK protocol. It is easy for users to implement the illuminator. Simultaneously, Position can be preset via serial port, and users can call the instruction to operate conveniently in use.

We can also supply the red laser module, mini laser module etc. If you need, welcome to contact us.

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