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Development Trend Of IR Laser Illuminator

May. 24, 2018

With the technical progress and development of laser infrared lamps, IR Laser Illuminator as the camera night vision fill light source more and more accurately meet the needs of the market, replace the LED infrared light to become the best match with the infrared light source products. Because seeing laser infrared technology is an advanced infrared technology that is different from the nature of LED, and has become the dominant product and leading market of infrared technology. Some front-end equipment in the domestic market is put into the development of laser infrared lamps and their own products. With a keen market perspective, it seizes market opportunities to meet demand, while at the same time it can occupy the market's leading position, occupy the highest level of technology, and meet the company's innovation profit orientation.

Our products include: Laser Range Finder Sensor, Lens Illuminator, etc. If you have any questions about our products, welcome to contact us.

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