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Features Of IR Laser Illuminator

Apr. 08, 2018

  Already today digital night vision devices produce a very good image quality in combination with an IR laser illuminator – and they are certainly the technology of the future! no red glowing can be seen even when looking directly into the laser light source. Observations can thus be performed fully undetected even from short distances.

  1. Illumination over 300m range

  2.High reliability, lifetime up to 50000hrs

  3. Compact, easy to integrate

  4.Negligible off-axis divergence,easy to collimate with camera lens

  5.Uniform beam intensity, speckle free

  6. Operating state memory

  7. Predefining position

  8.Low heat, high efficiency

  In addition, we also supply laser module, Collimator Lens and other laser products, if you need, welcome to contact us.

860nm 300m VCSEL Array IR/infrared laser illuminator LL1300-0265-860CAA

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