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Tyson offers premium quality and high tech infrared laser illuminator

Jul. 05, 2017

High tech laser products such as Infrared laser illuminator is now highly in demand and individuals looking for these types of products can greatly rely on Tyson Technology Co. Ltd. The company offers IR laser illuminator with guaranteed functionality and high performance.

Tyson Technology Co. Ltd is a modern enterprise mainly engaged on laser products and specializes on laser module marketing, R&D production, laser lens, laser diode, IR laser illuminator and many other exclusive optoelectronic products. The company is also recognized as one of the trusted providers of reliable laser solutions in China meeting customers’diverse needs and demands.

The company has researched on green and red laser module, beam expander and infrared laser modules as well as fiber coupled laser which includes line laser module, cross laser module and dot laser module and more. The laser products including IR laser illuminator that the company offers are widely used detection instrument testing field, laser medical equipment, military equipment, barcode scanning, laser ranging, laser marking, experimental teaching, location identification and the list goes on.

IR laser illuminators

There are exclusive and fantastic range of Infrared laser illuminators made available by the company and all of these products display outstanding features. The laser products available for sale that are featured on their site under Infrared laser illuminator category include LL10x0-0492-850CMP/IR VCSEL Array laser illuminator, LL1300-0265-860CXA IR Infrared laser illuminator, LL1x00-0170-xxxCAP IR Infrared laser illuminator, LL1x00-0170-xxxCAP IR Infrared laser illuminator and may more.

These IR laser illuminators come with different features, illuminating distance, output power, illumination range, reliability and intensity. Individuals looking for the best laser products in China can keep in touch with the company for this can offer customers the greatest selections of laser products at the most reasonable cost.

Aside from IR laser illuminator, Tyson Technology Co. also offers many other laser products to choose from. The products are carefully package and ready for installations in many different fields. Customers can expect for laser products with higher efficiency and reliable performance.

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