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Introduction Of Laser Goggles

Apr. 19, 2018

Simply speaking, Laser Goggles is a kind of special glasses that can prevent or reduce laser damage to human eyes. Laser protective glasses is an efficient and safe goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers, laser pens, this series of optical safety glasses wear comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable. Its optical safety performance fully satisfies GJB1762-93. Laser safety glasses have reflection-type absorption and can fully protect specific wavelengths of laser and intense light. Suitable for a variety of laser equipment. Visible light transmittance reaches 70%. Optical density is 5.0 or more, (OD+5, OD+6)

Applicable people: laser operators, computer operators, drivers, gas welders, welders, high-temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel when operating X-ray perspective; for UV laser, excimer laser, neon glass laser, semiconductor Laser, CO laser, Erbium-doped garnet laser, ruby laser, CO2 laser, gallium arsenide laser and other laser protection.

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Laser Goggles

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