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Introduction Of Laser Range Finder Sensor

Apr. 23, 2018

Laser Range Finder Sensor: The laser diode is aimed at the target emitting laser pulse. The target reflected laser light scattered in all directions. Part of the scattered light is returned to the sensor receiver, which is received by the optical system and imaged onto an avalanche photodiode. An avalanche photodiode is an optical sensor with an internal amplification function, so it can detect extremely weak light signals. The target distance can be determined by recording and processing the time from the light pulse emission to the time when the return was received.

The application of laser in the field of detection is very extensive. The technology content is very rich, and the impact on social production and life is also very obvious. Laser ranging is one of the earliest applications of lasers. This is because the laser has many advantages such as strong directionality, high brightness, and good monochromaticity. Before 1965, the Soviet union   used a laser to measure the distance between the Earth and the moon (384401 km) with an error of only 250m. In 1969, after the Americans landed on the moon, they placed mirrors on the lunar surface. They also used lasers to measure the distance between the earth and the moon. The error was only 15 cm.

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Laser Range Finder Sensor

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