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Difference Between Laser Illuminator And Led Lamps

May. 09, 2018

1. Impact of red exposure: Near-infrared semiconductor light-emitting products have red-exposed problems, which are determined by the semiconductor light-emitting mechanism. However, since the IR Laser Illuminator uses a single chip to emit light, the presence of a red light only has a small light emitting point, which can be ignored even in long-distance lighting. The LED lamp is assembled from many LED tubes. After the red exposure, the entire panel of the product will be red exposed, which is not conducive to the concealment of the infrared lamp.

2. Cost: The production method of semiconductor laser tube and LED is very similar, the core chip is realized through epitaxial growth, and then through different packaging processes to meet the working requirements of the chip. The difference in cost is mainly determined by the production volume of the product. Due to the simplicity of packaging and the large amount of application, LEDs can be produced on a large scale, which greatly reduces the cost of the product; with the continuous development of laser application technology, the output of semiconductor laser tubes Over the years, it has become a geometric increase, the cost of the product has dropped to the level that can be accepted by ordinary users.

3. Due to the high working conditions of semiconductor laser tubes, the quality requirements for each laser tube are significantly higher than those of LEDs. Therefore, the quality of IR Laser Illuminator core parts has strict requirements from the beginning, and the high quality control requirements. Makes the final product's performance and quality guaranteed.

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