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Application Of IR Laser Illuminator In Monitoring Night Vision

May. 10, 2018

With the development of the security industry, 24-hour uninterrupted surveillance has become increasingly demanding for infrared night vision. It not only satisfies the requirement of tens of meters in front of the eye, and with the emergence of new intelligent video technologies in the security industry, the network camera dynamics Surveillance requirements are also getting higher and higher. In the event of an emergency, it requires a network camera to track and monitor the distance. The actual effect of LED IR Illuminator can only reach within tens of meters. The infrared effect is attenuated with increasing distance and angle. It is impossible to complete tracking and monitoring in the middle distance. In IR Illuminator products that can truly achieve long-range monitoring, mesh cameras with IR Laser Illuminator is the best choice.

In the field of monitoring night vision, laser infrared lamps have gradually been widely used, but there are also some problems in the use process. That is, there are some misunderstandings about the fundamental understanding and understanding of laser infrared lamps and they can be used to popularize the products of IR Laser Illuminator. Performance, to improve everyone's correct understanding and understanding of IR Laser Illuminator.

IR Laser Illuminator

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