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Simulation and target analysis of dual-band infrared dynamic scene in deep space

Nov. 13, 2017

As the laser module manufacturer, in order to improve the efficiency of deep-space infrared detector detection band selection and reflect the true orbit state of the target, the generation technology of the spatial target dynamic infrared image and the simulation of the dual-band infrared image are studied.

Combining the trajectory and attitude data of the space object obtained from the STK and the target model data obtained from the 3DS MAX, a method for infrared imaging simulation of the space object is proposed.

Firstly, the infrared radiation characteristics of the target in the deep space background and the radiation characteristics of the target in the two wave bands of the medium wave and the long wave are analyzed, which provides the basis for the choice of the detector band parameters.

Then, the method of solving the heat balance equation by node network method id introduced. Firstly the theoretical model of the infrared imaging system of the spatial target is presented, and the infrared visual modeling and simulation of the spatial target is realized. And the simulation image of the new system development and infrared image processing algorithms are of great significance.

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