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Dim and small target detection based on two frame difference and modified semi-causal with DSP

Feb. 02, 2018

As the laser module manufacturer, aiming at the problem of the real-time detection for dim and small target in industrial scene, a new method of dim and small target detection which combined two frame difference and modified semi-causal support region based on DSP was proposed.

Firstly, the two original images were estimated by using the modified semi-causal support domain model and residual images were obtained by subtracting the prediction image from the original image. Secondly, the residual images were processed by two frame difference and adaptive threshold segmentation to obtain binary image.

Finally, the real dim and small target was detected using morphological processing. Under the same experimental conditions, the detection performance of the proposed method was compared with that of the existing method.

The experimental results show that this method can detect dim and small targets quickly and effectively, and meanwhile the detected target area is increased by 1.3 times, the pretreatment time is reduced by 34% and total detection time is reduced by 20%, which lays the foundation for real-time detection of dim and small target in the industrial field.

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