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Design of high magnification eyepiece for military sight

Dec. 13, 2017

Laser module products are widely used. In order to meet the requirement of modern military sighting, a high magnification eyepiece for military sight was designed, the aberration characteristics and technical difficulties of high magnification eyepiece are analyzed.

A structure pf positive-positive-negative is put forward. Simulation and optimization were carried out by software code V. The magnification of the optical system is 16x, the EFL is 16.62mm, the diameter of the exit pupil is 6mm while the distance of the exit pupil is 25mm, the display size is 1/3’, and the total length is 40.4mm.

The results show that the MTF of the entire FOV is above 0.2, the distortion is less than 5%. The image quality can meet the needs of the application.

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