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The Difference Between IR Laser Illuminator And LED Lamps

Apr. 26, 2018

1. Illumination distance: The output power of a single LED is generally 5~15W. Although 40~50W LED products come out, it still can't compare with the semiconductor laser tube (LD), the single-core semiconductor laser tube can emit light power. Up to 10W, the brightness of a laser tube equals the sum of the brightness of several hundred LEDs. Therefore, a relatively small laser product can achieve a large irradiation distance, greatly improving the irradiation effect, and improving the brightness of the picture.

2. Volume: IR Laser Illuminator uses a single-chip semiconductor laser tube as a light-emitting medium, so the volume can be made small, while meeting the brightness requirements.

3. Lifetime: Both the semiconductor laser tube and the LED are semiconductor light emitting products, and the life of the semiconductor product is largely controlled by the heat dissipation of the product. Due to the use of metal packages and dedicated power supplies, laser luminaires achieve perfect temperature control through advanced semiconductor temperature control technology, which allows the product to always operate at a set and reasonable temperature, and the lifetime can be well guaranteed.

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