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Two applications of infrared laser illuminator

Jun. 25, 2018

The semiconductor laser outputs light, so it can be used as an illumination source. Because the laser has good directionality, it shows that the angle of the beam is small, energy is concentrated, and there is still enough light intensity to travel farther, so it is very suitable for long-distance lighting. The ability to illuminate long-distance targets is the most important feature of infrared laser illuminators. However, the energy distribution of the semiconductor laser in the vertical section of the beam is non-uniform, Gaussian distribution, strong in the middle, gradually weakening to the edge, or distribution in bright and dark stripes. The direct use of a semiconductor laser as an illumination source is not desirable and is generally used as a camera night vision light source.

Infrared Laser Illuminator + night vision surveillance system consisting of ordinary CCD camera; product uses 810nm wavelength infrared semiconductor laser as a light source, with sense infrared camera, black and white CCD camera or low-light level night vision equipment, infrared night vision surveillance system, belonging to active night vision surveillance system. Laser infrared light is equipped with active light source.

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