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TYSON laser application on skin care

Jun. 16, 2017

Most of us are familiar with some laser products, for example laser module, ir laser illuminator etc. But do you know the use of lasers in skin care?

From the beginning of the age of three, the body's metabolic capacity will be gradually decreased, the skin's elasticity, color and delicate degree of recession. In addition, long-term ultraviolet radiation caused by skin aging will appear in this period, and with the increase of age and more obvious.

Now the easiest way is to use laser product to solve these problems. Laser therapy, it is a kind of people to enjoy the beautiful technology. For the beauty, people have never met, scientists and doctors for the people's beautiful dream and unremitting efforts. However, the laser is a major invention of human science and technology, when the laser applied to the beauty field, so close to our daily life. With the laser module to deal with the face of acne, stains, wrinkles, so that the effect can be expected.

It can be said that now the use of laser beauty more and more widely, compact skin, dilute fine lines, whitening teeth, treatment of telangiectasia, laser equipment can be met one by one.

Tyson is the professional laser module, laser diode and IR illuminator manufacturer on Medical product solution. Tyson believe in "Heartiness, Innovation and Partnership" spirits and the products are in stability, reliability, consistency with long service life.

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