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What Is Semiconductor Laser Module?

May. 11, 2018

Semiconductor laser module is a type of laser that matures earlier and progresses faster. Its wide wavelength range, simple production, low cost, easy mass production, and small size, light weight, long life, therefore, species development is fast, a wide range of applications, currently more than 300 species. Semiconductor laser modules have been widely used in laser ranging, laser radar, ignition detonation, detection instruments, etc., forming a broad market.

The main application area of the semiconductor laser module is the Gb LAN. The 850 nm wavelength semiconductor laser module is suitable for 1 Gh/. LAN, 1300nm-1550nm wavelength semiconductor laser module is suitable for 1OGb LAN system i1. The application scope of semiconductor laser module covers the entire field of optoelectronics and has become the core technology of today's optoelectronics science.

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