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Optical transceiver components VCSEL+PD are small and easy to integrate

Nov. 03, 2020

At present, the size of smart devices on the market is getting smaller and smaller, and optical modules are developing towards highly integrated small packages. Traditional optical modules with separate laser transmitters and photodetectors have become increasingly difficult to adapt to market demands.

The LP series is a transceiver integrated component (VCSEL+PD), which adopts a flat package, and the size is 2.2*1.6mm, 3.0x3.0mm, 3.5*3.5mm optional and easy to integrate. It greatly shortens the product development and production cycle, reduces the types of vital parts purchased, and reduces production costs, so it is favored by customers.

The transceiver component (VCSEL+PD) of the LP series includes both the transmitting part and the receiving part. The transmitting part is one or more VCSEL chips, and the receiving part is one or more photodetectors or photodiode chips.

For example, the 940nm 8mW VCSEL diode with PD is a multimode VCSEL diode. The receiving part adopts a high-sensitivity photodiode with a bandpass filter, which greatly reduces the interference of ambient light and stray light, and greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio. , So that the product has excellent transceiver characteristics. Its wavelength drift is low, only 0.07nm/℃, high reliability; adopts advanced oxidation isolation technology, low threshold current; easy to collimate, comparable to the industry level.

The transceiver components can be widely used in safety light curtains, particle sensors, laser ranging, axial optical cables, temperature measurement, laser medical treatment and other fields.

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