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VCSEL empowers 3D sensing and new retail

Nov. 18, 2020

Nowadays, you can see vending machines, unmanned supermarkets, supermarket self-service payment machines, and even unmanned 4S stores everywhere.

Is face payment safe?

Most face recognition on the market today is based on 2D images that cannot record the depth information of the face, so photos, videos or face masks are given a good opportunity and the error rate is high.

The 3D sensor camera used for "face payment" is based on leading 3D sensor technology. When the 3D sensor performs face recognition, the built-in transmitter module projects an invisible infrared dot matrix or modulated light signal to the user's face. Due to the difference in the contour structure of the face itself, the infrared light signal will change.

After the infrared detector collects the dot pattern or modulated light signal, it is processed by the 3D image processing chip to obtain the user's 3D face information. It can establish a millimeter-level 3D face model, and can realize high-precision 3D secure face recognition, and pay for the security of face brushing. VCSEL chip is the core optical device of 3D sensing technology.

Can provide 850nm/940nm, optical power from 8mW to 4W, angles 60°x45°, 72°x58°, 90°x70°, 110°x85°, 120°x90° and other combinations of VCSEL diodes.

Take 850nm, 15mW VCSEL diode as an example, its electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 43%, reducing power consumption, small size, and easy to integrate. It adopts multi-mode VCSEL and advanced oxide isolation technology, with extremely high real-time performance, small emission area, easy collimation and many other advantages.

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